About Us

Harmony Arts Festival • celebrating the arts, community and nature • August 1-10, 2014


Welcome to Harmony Arts, presented by Odlum Brown Limited - a lively festival along West Vancouver’s waterfront produced by the District of West Vancouver takes place August 1-10, 2014. Every summer for the last 24 years locals and guests from across the Lower Mainland have come to relax, enjoy and take in the arts, the music, delicious food, and the visual diversity that is Harmony Arts.
Welcome to West Vancouver, a community in love with the arts and its artists. Welcome to a festival where sipping wine along the ocean, while listening to the latest up and coming artists, is what we do for a magical week every summer.

Our History

Discover the history of a festival inspired and built by community.

In 1990, the District of West Vancouver, a municipality, with a long history of commitment to art, architecture and design, was looking to bring greater awareness to community-based artists. Within days of a Council directive, staff created and announced a multi-day, community festival that would play host to local musicians and visual artists.

The natural scenery and energy of Ambleside presented the ideal festival setting: local artists had been universally inspired by its panorama of ocean, beach and parkland; and, with the presence of the Ferry Building and Silk Purse Galleries, and the West Vancouver Museum, Ambleside was an established arts and culture corridor.

Now in its 24th year, the festival continues to stretch with new and creative elements, but at the same time, remains true to its original tenets. The tenets of free public access AND celebration of the waterfront continue to support a broad and genuine showcase of artists and artistry.

Unique experiences and landscapes

The Harmony Arts Festival is a community based festival whose aim is to support local, regional and national artists, celebrate and share the value of arts in our community. Strong sponsorship support, artist participation and volunteerism have helped to build and define the Harmony Arts Festival. Fortunately, for organizers, more than 200 volunteers return each year to deliver a one-of-a-kind and memorable festival experience. When asked why they keep coming back, volunteers say, “It’s the ever-changing waterfront canvas” and “the celebration of local art and performance” that strengthens their desire to participate. The festival is a point of pride for anyone living on the North Shore.

Building on a 20-year tradition and successful celebration of the arts

On the heels of a very successful 2013 festival, which attracted more than 100,000 people, this year continues with a great showcase of visual artists, legendary musicians and performers, family friendly children’s art workshops, unforgettable culinary events, delicious festival eats and distinctive wine collections.

Join us August 1-10, 2014 for a waterfront experience like no other.