Buddy & The Scarecrow

The image features a group of men sitting on a rock. They are outdoors, surrounded by grass and under a cloudy sky. The men are wearing casual clothing like jeans and jackets. The men appear to be from the band Buddy & The Scarecrow.

Delve into the captivating world of Buddy and the Scarecrow, where decades of friendship and musical collaboration converge to create timeless songs and electrifying performances.

Gary Bulloch: Gary is the rock-solid foundation of Buddy and the Scarecrow, laying down smooth bass grooves that resonate with the soul. With over 25 years of musical experience, he has graced stages across the country, from iconic venues like BC Place to intimate gatherings at local pubs.

Mathias Wolfsohn: The sonic architect of the band, Mathias infuses each performance with his unparalleled musical expertise. A multi-instrumentalist, he brings a dynamic range of sounds to the table, from piano and organ to acoustic guitar, shaping the band's sonic landscape with precision and finesse.

Gord Kushner: A masterful songwriter and guitarist, Gord has a knack for crafting infectious melodies that uplift the spirit. Alongside Brad Tidswell, he has penned many of the band's memorable tunes, his rock-infused vocals resonating with audiences far and wide.

Brad Tidswell (aka B-Rad): Partnering with Gord for over three decades, Brad is the heart and soul of Buddy and the Scarecrow. His velvety vocals and virtuosic guitar skills define the band's signature sound, earning them comparisons to the legendary Blue Rodeo for their harmonious vocal interplay.

Neil Peters: A true virtuoso on the drums, Neil's rhythmic prowess adds depth and texture to the band's music. With a background in music education from Cap College, his mastery of multiple instruments enriches the band's sonic tapestry, elevating their performances to new heights.