Evie from Earth

The image shows a woman named Evie from Earth playing an acoustic guitar outdoors in a forest. She is wearing a dress and surrounded by trees and grass.

Evie is a talented artist, producer, and audio engineer from North Vancouver, BC, known for her intimate lyricism and warm, lush melodies as an indie-folk artist. Her musical journey began during a challenging period in her life, when she discovered a profound and deep-seated passion for songwriting. Music became her refuge, an avenue for unfiltered emotional expression, and a means to connect with others on a soulful level. Her dedication and versatility shine through her work, extending to her studies in Audio Engineering and Music Production at SAE Vancouver. She also demonstrates exceptional prowess in audio engineering and music production. Her innate ability to commit to and execute a creative vision not only elevates her own artistry but extends to her work with other artists as well. Currently preparing for the release of her EP "Overgrowth," including the captivating track "Mossy Mountains" and an accompanying music video, Evie promises to make a lasting mark with her authentic and soulful sound.