The Luckies (Shari Ulrich, Hilary Grist, Jeanne Tolmie)

The photo depicts the band "The Luckies," consisting of Shari Ulrich, Jeanne Tolmie, and Hilary Grist, sitting on a bench. The women are smiling and wearing casual clothing.

The Luckies were born In July, 2022 when Shari found herself at the bottom having fallen out of a project - her with two powerful female singer-songwriters she was bringing to the famed MusicFest in Comox BC -  just days before the festival. She pondered who could replace such remarkable women and thought of Hilary Grist and Jeanne Tolmie. Both were an instant YES! They were only able to convene just a few hours before their MainStage set, and hit the stage with a miraculously polished performance, complete with gorgeous three-part harmonies on all the songs. It was exhilarating, exciting, and unimaginably FUN!  Shari says…” Of all the collaborations I have had in my life, the ones that sustained were those that were intended as a one-off and felt so damn good that we wanted to do it again…and again…and again. In some cases for decades! Having started my life in music as an instrumentalist, I have always loved playing with other artists and supporting songwriters whose work I love, and have their support on my songs as well. It’s my favourite thing to do in music. But this combination was an unexpected wonderful surprise! Hence the name!”

Hilary Grist was composing music at the piano in pre-school. Later years of piano lessons and singing with the high school choir propelled her to Vancouver, where she studied jazz at Capilano University while deepening her pool of musical influences and honing her songwriting skills. Grist’s songs can evoke emotion with ease, and their cinematic conductivity translates as well to the big and small screens as it does to her listeners’ real-life narratives. Her music has enhanced dramatic and romantic sequences in a number of television programs.

For five decades, accomplished singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Shari Ulrich has been winning hearts across North America with her voice, songs and on-stage charisma. A two-time JUNO-winner among other awards, and a member of the BC Music Hall of Fame, she has recorded 25 albums as a solo artist and with the legendary Pied Pumkin, The Hometown Band, UHF, BTU and The High Bar Gang.

Victoria’s Jeanne Tolmie is a singer-songwriter with a great love and knowledge of country and folk music. She is an honest and emotive performer, a master harmonizer, and a closet accordionist. Her resumé includes the bands Big Yellow Taxi, Daisy Duke, JT King, Sidecar, and the Golden Country Clan. Her mastery of backup singing earned her backup vocal work on numerous recording projects for Steve Dawson’s Henhouse Recording Studio. Jeanne is also a social worker in the field of Alzheimer’s care.