Tim Readman & Prairie Wolfe


Tim Readman

Tim Readman is a musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and music journalist, originally from County Durham, England and now based in Vancouver. He has an extensive repertoire of original songs and can also perform everything from traditional folk songs to more contemporary material. He is the leader of Canadian Celtic/folk favourite Fear of Drinking, with whom he has recorded four albums, and has played for years with Canada’s Clown Princes of musical comedy, The Arrogant Worms. Tim has an infectious sense of humour and a real ability to engage an audience with his stories and songs. He can entertain in any setting, from concert hall to festival to house concert.

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Prairie Wolfe

Prairie Wolfe is from Vancouver. She got her fiddling start more than 20 years ago, inspired by Canadian-Metis fiddler Anne Lederman. She went on to other styles of fiddle, including Scottish, Irish, Quebecois, and Cape Breton (where she followed Buddy MacMaster around for a summer). Prairie is a founding member of infamous MIT contradance band La Banane Enchantee and has appeared in Todd Wong's popular Gung Haggis Fat Choy Scottish-Chinese cultural extravaganza. She has a rhythmic, driving fiddle style that blends well with Tim's guitar playing and gets toes tapping. Prairie also performs with Seattle-based French-Canadian band Podorythmie, where she picked up step-dancing.

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