Weaving Small Baskets with Invasive Ivy

The image shows a person holding a basket. They are outdoors and are likely wearing clothing suitable for outdoor work. The person is also involved in weaving small baskets using invasive ivy.

Cost: $15  |  Materials fee

Register by phone at 604-925-7270 (course #166538) or online.


Learn to make a simple basket with invasive ivy in this beginner weaving workshop. Invasive species disrupt ecosystems and contribute to habitat loss for our native species. Removing and using invasive species is advantageous for both creativity and biodiversity! In this workshop, we will work with English ivy, which is an accessible and forgiving material abundantly available in our region. Participants will learn how to use invasive ivy to create a small basket. 

Tea and cookies will be provided. 

Limited to 12 participants.



This workshop is part of Sustain, a series of community-engaged exhibitions and programs focussing on sustainable practices and countering climate change anxiety, with funding support from the West Vancouver Foundation.


About the Presenter

Grace Nombrado is an invasive species educator and artist based in Vancouver. She works for the Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver. as Communication Coordinator In addition, she is the founder and Executive Director of Free the Fern Stewardship Society, an environmental nonprofit in South Vancouver. The image shows a person named Grace Nombrado standing in front of a tree in an outdoor setting. Grace is smiling and wearing a jacket. The tree appears to be a redwood conifer in a forest.

Grace holds a B.A. (English) and a B.Ed. (Teacher Certification) from Simon Fraser University. She uses her teaching skills to plan environmental events and art workshops. Grace has taught ivy weaving workshops at Van Dusen Gardens, Champlain Heights Community Centre, Killarney Community Centre, and outdoors along the Champlain Heights Trail system in South Vancouver. She has a passion for bringing the community together through stewardship and art.