Food Vendor Application

Food Vendor Applications for the 2023 Annual Harmony Arts Festival, presented by Odlum Brown Limited, open on Thursday, December 1, 2022. The application deadline is Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

Please enter your contact details.
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Please provide a photo of the food truck, pop-up, etc.
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Please describe the food and beverage items to be offered.
Please supply a copy of the menu.
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Approximate prices:
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Please include a description of the desired premises.
Size of desired set up (e.g. dimensions of truck, tent, etc.)

The Harmony Arts Festival runs off a limited amount of power, thus requiring detailed planning for power use. Our production manager will be in touch to discuss requirements.
Please let us know your desired power feed for your food truck (including total amps and type of receptacle).
Please provide an itemized list of every item requiring power and the power draw (in amps or watts) for each item (i.e. ovens, fridges, freezers, hot plates, POS terminals, etc.).
The Harmony Arts Festival collects 12% of total sales. Food Vendors must provide sales totals by email at the end of each day to the Festival’s Food Vendor Coordinator. The District of West Vancouver will invoice the food vendor at the end of the festival for the total commission.

The Harmony Arts Festival is a green event. All vendors are required to follow our waste/recycling sorting guidelines. A $100 refundable green deposit is required at time of booking event. No Styrofoam and compostable plastics.

Upon being selected all Food Vendors must have a current West Vancouver Business License (Special Event) and a Temporary Food Service License, coordinated by Vancouver Coastal Health.

• Garbage needs
• A designated position on the festival site, to be determined by the festival
• Tables, chairs, umbrellas, and venue signage
• Overnight security will be provided during the festival

• Lighting (if operating at night)
• Refrigerators and freezers as required
• The ability to lock and secure any goods left on site overnight
• Staff to operate, set up, and dismantle all equipment
• Menu signage

Signage must be of professional quality and be clear and easy to read. Please have a menu displayed with prices in such a way that the public can read it. All signs should be made out of coroplast or vinyl and not cardboard or paper. Signage may be arranged through the festival on a cost-recovery basis.

• Food vendors are expected to arrive on time, ready to serve, and remain open as per each agreement.
• No in/out of food trucks/trailers is allowed during the festival.
• Storage is not provided to food vendors unless previously organized with festival staff as our storage ability is limited.
• The festival is a zero-waste festival. All vendors are required to use appropriate biodegradable/certified compostable products. Information on requirements is available through the festival.
• All vendors are required to follow our waste/recycling sorting guidelines.
• Food vendors must keep their area clean, including emptying garbage and recycling and taking it to the provided receptacles.
• As an invited member of the festival, we ask that all staff be courteous and presentable to the public.
• Vendors will be required to share their participation in the festival over relevant digital sources, including the vendor’s website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The festival will provide a suggested social media strategy.
The Harmony Arts Festival is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged goods. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in being asked not to return in the future.
I confirm that I have read and agree with the terms of the conditions and the disclaimer.
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Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act: Personal information contained on this form is collected under the Freedom of Informa­tion and Protection of Privacy Act section 26(c) and will be used only for the purpose of processing your application to the Harmony Arts Festival.

If you have questions about the collection and use of this information please contact Legislative Services, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays, at 604-921-3497 at Municipal Hall, 750 17th Street, West Vancouver BC V7V 3T3.