August 3–12, 2018

Tiller’s Folly

August 12 (Sunday)
2:15pm - 3:15pm

As one of the tightest, most focused roots ensembles in the nation, Tiller’s Folly creates music that is both distinctly Canadian and firmly rooted in the acoustic tradition. They are modern-day storytellers of lore, uniting the past with the present. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Tiller's Folly are a critically acclaimed, internationally-travelled power trio at the forefront of a bold new movement in roots music.

For the past 20 years, through thousands of performances stretching from the Pacific Northwest to the British Isles and beyond—they have spread their memorable blend of energy, history, musicality, romance and plain fun at venues of all sizes.

Tiller's Folly’s award-winning productions continue to expand and refine their potent mix of acoustic-based, Celtic-influenced Canadiana, Americana and newgrass. Fuelled by their passion and enthusiasm for, they continue to evolve as artists, experimenting with different phrasing, tones and textures while recording with some of the most exciting and innovative musicians and singers in the business today. Tiller's Folly features Bruce Coughlan (songwriter, lead vocals, guitar, bodhran, flute, whistle), Nolan Murray (fiddle, mandolin, mandocaster, mandola & viola) and Laurence Knight (producer, bass, vocals).


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